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  • Site Map

    About Us Agency Directory Apprenticeship and Customized Training (ACT) Archives Management Procedure Beautification Project Board of Commissioners Boys and Girls Clubs Building Communities…

  • ePermits - Sample Site Plans and Drawings

    Example Elevation Example Interior Demolition Plan Example Second Floor Plan Example Site Plan

  • Reasonable Accommodation Request

    If you or someone in your household has a disability and you are applying or have applied for Baltimore housing, you have the right to ask Baltimore Housing to make changes or exceptions to its rules, policies, or practices so that you can use Baltimore Housing programs. This is called a "reasonable accommodation request." Here are some examples: If you have trouble reading due to your disability, you can ask Baltimore…

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  • Fair Housing Act

    The Fair Housing Act, as amended in 1988, prohibits housing discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, disability, familiar status, and national origin. Its coverage includes private housing, housing that receives Federal financial assistance, and State and local government housing. It is unlawful to discriminate in any aspect of selling or renting housing or to deny a dwelling to a buyer or renter because of the disability…

    Tags: The Fair Housing Act

  • Historic Preservation at Baltimore Housing

    Old East Baltimore Historic District: St. Pauls Catholic Church &…

  • Code Enforcement: Responsibilities

    Storage receptacles Required. Trash, garbage, or debris may not be stored or placed out for collection except in approved storage receptacles. The Owner's Responsibility The owner or operator of every occupied premises must arrange for a sufficient number of these storage receptacles to…

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  • HCVP Landlords Inspections Checklist

    Listed below you will find a list of the most common reasons found for a unit to fail Housing Quality Standards (HQS). Please look your unit over carefully before the inspector comes out. We will be unable to enter into contract with any unit that fails HQS inspection. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. All ceilings, walls, and floors must be strong, sturdy, and in their permanent positions. A working smoke detector with a…

    Tags: HCVP Landlords Inspections Checklist

  • Historic Preservation Timeline

    Poe Homes, the first public housing development, opens under the leadership of HABC Executive Director C. W. Perkins. The…

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Vacants to Value is a new initiative which streamlines the sale of city-owned properties and uses the private market to maximize the repair and rehabilitation of vacant properties. How can I purchase a Baltimore City owned property? Baltimore Housings' Land Resources Division sells properties and land under its supervision through various methods.

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  • Permit Procedures

    Baltimore City One-Stop Center is located at Room 100, 417 E Fayette Street, overlooking the courtyard by the City Hall and the War Memorial Building. The One-Stop Center is designed to create a customer friendly environment and to aid faster permits by eliminating lengthy wait time. In the One-Stop Center, the customer would go through the information desk, Zoning…

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  • Agency Directory

    Agency Directory About Us Agency Directory Archives Management Procedure Board of Commissioners Boys and Girls Clubs Building Communities Initiative (BCI) Business

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