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Michael Braverman, DHCD Commissioner Mayor Catherine E. Pugh

Digital Connectors Youth Training

What is it?

The Digital Connectors program is a youth computer-training program that includes mentoring and leadership. The program is open to public housing youth ages 14 - 21 years old who are interested in technology and making a difference in the community. Classes are held for two hours a day twice a week at different public housing Neighborhood Network Centers throughout the city.

Who is eligible?

Residents of Baltimore public housing 14- 21years of age.

What are the benefits?

They receive basic compute skills, life skills, advocacy training and mentoring. Youth that complete the program receive a laptop and printer.

How much does it cost?

Services are free to eligible Public Housing residents.

How do you get involved?

Call the Family Enrichment Program for more information and training:

William Jernigan

417 E Fayette Street

Baltimore, MD. 21202