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Michael Braverman, DHCD Commissioner Mayor Catherine E. Pugh

Fiscal Operations

It is the mission of the Division of Fiscal Operations to support the operation of Baltimore Housing (HABC and DHCD) through strategic allocation of resources, accurate and timely reporting of accounting transactions, safeguarding of Agency's assets, procurement of goods and services, and sound management for the long-term sustainability of Baltimore's housing programs and community development.

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Sieglinde Chambliss oversees the Agency's financial and administrative functions including Budget, Accounting, Financial Operations, Contracting and Procurement, Administrative Services and Insurance/Risk Management.



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Fiscal Operations' responsibilities:

HCD Financial Operations

Prepares both operating and capital budgets for the Department of Housing and Community Development - City of Baltimore.

Monitors expenditures against the budget, provides accurate and timely financial information to management within HCD as well as other City Departments and Governing Bodies.

HABC Contracting and Procurements

Assure that goods and services are procured efficiently, effectively and economically

Promote competition in contracting

Assure that HABC purchasing actions are in full compliance with applicable Federal, State, local laws and regulations

The Department is divided into two units:

The Chief of Contracting Services oversees contracts and agreements for the HABC, and to provide advisory services in the areas of cost/price analysis, and HUD guidelines as they pertain to contracts.

The commodities section is responsible for promoting the acquisition of commodity items, while promoting full and open competition within HUD guidelines.

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HABC Budget Office

Responsible for coordinating the preparation of the Authority's annual consolidated budget.

Monitors the budgets to insure spending is within the approved amounts, purchases are properly classified, and transactions are recorded accurately on the Authority's books.

Personnel action is reviewed to insure it is within budget.

HABC Finance & Accounting

Finance and Accounting

The Controller provides oversight to the areas of Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, General Accounting Analysis, and Capital Program Accounting.

If you are a resident of public housing, and have Resident Rental Payment Inquires, contact the Department via e-mail at

If you are a vendor that provides goods and services to HABC and have Housing Vendor Inquires, contact the Department via e-mail at

Insurance/Risk Management

Analyzes, coordinates and manages HABC's insurance programs.

Establishes insurance requirements after reviewing proposed, existing and planned facilities, operations and programs.

Administrative Services

Made up of two separate work units - Print Department and the Mail Center.

The Print Department produces printed materials including training manuals, flyers, pamphlets, booklets and large volume copying.

The Mail Center processes mail for Baltimore Housing, makes daily delivery and pick up of mail to all HABC developments, Section 8 and Department of Housing and Community Development