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Michael Braverman, DHCD Commissioner Mayor Catherine E. Pugh

Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity Enforcement

This office is responsible for HABC's compliance with the Fair Housing Act and the other civil rights laws that protect against discrimination in housing. This office had two divisions 504 Coordination and Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity.

504 Coordination

504 Coordination is responsible for coordinating the implementation of programs and activities pursuant to the laws that protect the civil rights of persons with disabilities and addressing issues concerning reasonable accommodation requests to address a disability made by public housing residents, participants in the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Program and applicants for both programs.

504 Coordination can provide information about the following subjects:

- Reasonable accommodation policies and forms

- The Fair Housing Act's accessibility requirements, which apply to multi-family buildings containing 4 or more units first ready for occupancy in March 13, 1991. (see

- Referrals to other housing-related resources and organizations that provide assistance to individuals with disabilities

Contact the Director of 504 Coordination by e-mail or by calling (443) 984-1792.

Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity

Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity is responsible for:

1. Enforcing the Fair Housing Act and Other Civil Rights Laws

FH&EO is responsible for HABC's compliance with the civil rights laws that protect against discrimination in housing based on race, national origin, color, gender, familial status and religion.

2. Expanding Access to Economic Opportunity Programs

FH&EO works to expand access to and enforce those DHCD and HABC programs designed to open avenues of economic opportunity. These programs provide employment, job training, expanded business opportunities, and economic development to members of the following groups:

- lower income families

- small and disadvantaged businesses - minority and women business owners

FH&EO can provide you with information about the following subjects:

- Contract and procurement information

- Employment and business resource opportunities

- Economic development opportunities

Contact the FH&EO Equal Opportunity Specialist by email or by calling (410) 396-1969.

Relevant Links

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