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Michael Braverman, DHCD Commissioner Mayor Bernard C. "Jack" Young

Code Enforcement: Signs Posted on City Property


Article 19 Subtitle 45 of the Baltimore City Code makes posting signs on City controlled property illegal and punishable by a $500 Environmental Control Citation. City owned or controlled property includes buildings; lots; parks; trees; signs; poles; traffic devices; medians; etc.

If you observe a sign posted on property owned or controlled by the City you may:

1. Remove the sign and recycle or discard the sign; or

2. Contact 311 to have the City remove the sign; or

3. Remove the sign and submit it with a completed affidavit to Baltimore Housing.

How to submit a sign for investigation

Article 19 Subtitle 45-3(b)(1)(ii)(B) permits the public to remove illegally posted signs and submit them to the City for further enforcement. A submission to Baltimore Housing requires the completion of an affidavit. The Commissioner of Housing has adopted a set of Rules and Regulations for individuals submitting signs for further enforcement. Please review the Rules and Regulations for The Removal of Illegal Signs From City Property By Others before completing the affidavit process.

Only signs posted on City owned property may be submitted for further enforcement. If you observe a sign posted on a building or lot that has a proper address you must confirm that the property is owned by the City. Property ownership for any address can be determined using the Maryland State Department of Assessment and Taxations Real Property search . Signs posted in parks, medians, parking meters, poles and traffic devices will not have a proper address but you may assume those locations are City owned if located within Baltimore City.

Affidavits must be submitted using Baltimore Housing's Affidavit for Illegal Signs . Affidavits must be completed in ink and may not have any alterations (i.e. scratched out text or white out). Completed affidavits must include:

The sign that was removed from the location and identified in the affidavit;

A close up photograph of the sign as posted with the immediate background;

A wider shot of the sign that provides a broader view of the background;

A printout showing the ownership of the property, if the location has a proper address, or a map of the area marking the location of the sign relative to other landmarks.

Sharing Fines with Designated Non-profit Neighborhood or Community Associations

Article 19 Subtitle 45-3(b)(2)(ii) allows for individuals, when submitting an affidavit, to designate a non-profit neighborhood or community association to share in any fines collected as a result of a citation being issued for an illegally posted sign. Designated entities must:

be a non-profit neighborhood or community association;

be organized under the laws of the State of Maryland;

be listed on the Baltimore City Department of Planning's Neighborhood Association List ;

- provide a completed IRS W-9 Form with the submission of the affidavit or have one on file with DHCD.

Submit completed affidavits and supporting documents to Baltimore Housing, Sanitation Enforcement, 417 E. Fayette Street, Room 138, Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm.