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Michael Braverman, DHCD Commissioner Mayor Catherine E. Pugh

Housing Code Enforcement

To maintain safe and attractive neighborhoods throughout the city, DHCD's Code Enforcement Division enforces the city's housing, zoning, building and related codes. Recently the division was reorganized and restructured to increase efficiency while making it more accessible to Baltimore residents. Working together, we are a powerful team, committed to maintaining the appearance and value of Baltimore's neighborhoods.

This web site was created to help landlords, homeowners, renters and community groups understand the many codes and how residents can work with us to help keep neighborhoods strong by providing aggressive and equitable code enforcement.

Get answers to frequently asked questions and information on owner and tenant responsibliities.

Penalty surcharge: click here for regulations and form for work conducted without a permit.

Report potential violations

To report potential housing and sanitation violations, please call 311 or use our online CitiTrack Service Request System.

View Active Violations

See all active code violations for your neighborhood.

View Citation Photos

View photos from citations recently issued.

Alarm & Property Registration

Click here to pay your alarm and property registration.

Purchasing City-owned property

Check out Vacants to Value

Green Building Standards

Everything you need to know about Baltimore City Green Building Standards

Signs Posted on City Property

Article 19 Subtitle 45 of the Baltimore City Code makes posting signs on City owned or controlled property illegal and punishable by a $500 Environmental Control Citation. City-owned or controlled property includes buildings; lots; parks; trees; signs; poles; traffic devices; medians; etc. Find out more.

Code Enforcement in V2V Areas

Find out what's being done to get privately-owned vacant buildings rehabilitated in Vacants to Value areas, see a map, and track our progress. Find out more.

Relevant Links

Learn more the "Vacants to Value" plan to address blight.

Baltimore City Green Building Standards

Search Baltimore Municipal Zoning and Appeals Board

Overview of the New Carbon Monoxide Law

Resident Handbooks for Permits & Building Inspections and Housing Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Legal Section

Construction & Demolition Each year this Office oversees the demolition of more than 300 unsafe structures throughout the City. In addition, this Office condemns vacant and abandoned properties.

Register your property here.

Baltimore City Building, Fire and Related Codes