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Meet Our Staff

Associate Deputy Director of Engineering & Capital Improvements; Construction Services; and Facilities Management
Charles M. Aquavella 443-984-1790

Charles M. Aquavella is both a registered architect and planner with a Masters in Urban Design from Pratt Institute. He has over 25 years experience in the fields of architecture, construction, development and real estate. Mr. Aquavella has won several design awards; has been the principal architect on several housing and commercial projects; and has executed many multi-million dollar real estate deals.

Since the fall of 2003, Charlie has been employed by the Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC) as the Associate Deputy Director of Engineering & Capital Improvements; Construction Services; Energy & Environmental Programs; and Facilities Management. He is responsible for four technical departments and has a staff of over 60. He is accountable for HABC's capital improvement programs, real estate endeavors, energy conservation measures and facility management projects.

Capital Planning (Staff of 6)

Anita Chavis 410-396-4529

Anita M. Chavis started her career at Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC) in 1973. Ms. Chavis has dedicated her entire profession to improving the quality of life for residents of Baltimore's affordable housing programs. She has over 40 years of experience in Public Housing Administration and is recognized for her efforts in managing and maintaining a high performer status in HUD's modernization program.

As the Director of Capital Planning, she is responsible for overseeing HABC's Contract and Grant Administration Office and has a staff of 6 people. She has budget authority over approximately $80 million annually in capital activities and is accountable for ensuring timely obligation and expenditure of HABC Capital Programs.

Engineering and Capital Improvements (ECI) (Staff of 14

Acting Director
Michael Wodka 410-396-8468

Michael Wodka is a Mechanical Engineering graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (Va Tech). Mr. Wodka has been with the Housing Authority of Baltimore City for over 23years progressing from a Mechanical Engineer to the current position of Assistant Director of Design.

Since 1990 Michael has been involved in many and varied capital improvement initiatives from renovation and modernization of vacant properties to the replacement and upgrading of HABC's chillers and cooling towers. Michael has been actively involved with the implementation of federally mandated handicapped accessibility requirements (UFAS/504). This has involved coordinating the design and eventual construction of over 750 fully accessible apartments and 38 fully accessible development sites throughout Baltimore City.

Energy & Environmental Programs (EEP) (Staff of 19)

Monica Watkins 410-396-4468

Monica Watkins holds both an MBA in Finance from Loyola College as well as a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland College Park. She is also a 1989 graduate of the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute. Monica has over 18 years of local utility experience in the areas of gas engineering & construction, energy accounting & billing and electric policy, rates & regulations. Additionally, Ms. Watkins is a member of the Association of Energy Engineers, a Certified Energy Manager (CEM) and a Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP). She has presented case studies and papers on HABCs energy performance contracting initiatives and resident energy awareness and conservation programs at both the World Energy Engineering Congress and for the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Since September 2006, Monica has overseen energy and environmental projects. These projects range in complexity from simple lighting and water measures to complex heating distribution replacement and Building Energy Management Systems. Her department is responsible for managing and monitoring HABC's (1) energy consumption and utilities costs; (2) security initiatives; (3) construction inspection services; and (4) lead and asbestos monitoring. Monica manages a staff of 19 who are responsible for energy performance contracting initiatives; Closed Circuit TV camera installations & analysis; environmental monitoring, analysis & abatement; the monitoring and inspection of all construction activities; and, utility analysis & energy conservation. The primary mission of Monicas department is to reduce energy and water consumption; and improve environmental conditions for our residents. As such, a key component of the departments responsibility is installing, maintaining and monitoring utility sub metering. Under Monica's leadership the agency has successfully transitioned over 3000 residents to a energy consumption management system that details their daily electric usage. Future initiatives include submetering both gas and water utilities where feasible. To assist in this transition Monica's staff regularly engage the resident population with monthly utility usage surveys, resident meetings, and even a video production to encourage residents to be mindful of their consumption.

Energy & Environmental Programs (Staff of 4)

Assistant Director
James B. Anderson 410-396-4033

James Anderson has a B.S. in Physics from Virginia State University. James has been an energy/utilities manager for over 14 years in various institutions. He has held the positions of Director of Facilities Planning at Texas Southern University and the Energy Manager for Pasadena School District in Texas. He previously owned and operated a firm to provide energy management consulting services to develop operationally and energy efficient organizations including the planning and development of facilities, equipment and infrastructures. His clients have been state and local agencies, educational facilities and municipalities.

Over the course of his career, James has conducted energy audits and feasibility studies to implement and or improve the infrastructure for electric, gas and plumbing systems.

Since April 2010 James has been the Assistant Director of Energy & Environmental Programs. His primary responsibility is to manage the construction projects resulting from the Phase I Energy Performance Contract initiative. These projects will result in high energy and utility cost savings for the authority for which James is responsible to measure and verify periodically. James manages a staff of 4 who are responsible for major energy project construction; CCTV camera installations & analysis; environmental monitoring, analysis & abatement; and, utility analysis & energy conservation. James is also very skilled in the complex art of facilities planning and designing comprehensive maintenance and management plans.

Construction Inspection (Services (Staff of 8)

Construction Project Supervisor

This position oversees an inspection staff of 8 responsible for ensuring that contracted work performed for our department is done per project drawings and specifications. The inspection unit is also responsible for performing detailed evaluations of newly installed Energy Conservation Measures to verify projected savings are being recognized. The Inspection unit uses tablets to enable data to be captured in real time.

Construction Services (Staff of 70)

Director of Construction Services
Buzz Wolfe 410-396-1292

Claude D. (Buzz) Wolfe, Jr. has over 36 years experience in construction and general contracting. As a Master Electrician, with a background in Electrical Engineering studies, for 10 years he worked for and eventually managed Baltimore Electric Service Inc., a family owned electrical construction business. He then started a career in general contracting. Mr. Wolfe for 14 years was a construction manager at Struever Bros. Eccles & Rouse Inc. Since March 1995, Buzz has been the founding Director of the Construction Services Division (HABCo).

Buzz is responsible for over 70 construction trade workers, administrative personnel and construction managers. Projects include demolition; landscaping and site work; commercial and residential renovation; and, environmental remediation with budgets ranging from several thousand dollars to over ten million dollars.

Office of Facilities Management (Staff of 4)

Project Manager II Facility Planning
Kevin Wight 410-545-6290

Kevin Wight accumulated over 30 years of experience in the fields of land surveying and civil engineering. He focused on residential and commercial land planning and development. Starting out as a member of a field survey crew shortly after graduating he has also held nearly every position up to project manager.

Kevin started at the Housing Authority of Baltimore City in January of 2009, where he served as the CAD Operator for two years for the department of Engineering and Capital Improvements. Since January 2011 he has taken on the position of Project Manager. As Project Manager for the Office of Facilities Management, Kevin is now responsible for all the space reconfiguration, moving and facility planning for both the Housing Authority and Housing and community development.

Facilities/Real Estate Manager
Vacant 443-984-1817

The position handles all building facility needs for both HABC and HCD including furniture requests, office relocations and records management (archive facility). In addition to these responsibilities the position handles all of HABC's corporate, commercial and roof top leases..

Safety Officer
Walter K. Griffin 410-396-4025

Since 5/8/12 , Walter has served as Safety Officer for the Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC) where he has been instrumental in developing and coordinating training programs for the resident population and staff. He is responsible for the agency's overall safety record. Since his employment HABC has received Housing Authority Insurance (HAI) "Outstanding Risk Control Program" and Injured Workers Insurance Fund's (IWIF) "Continued Overall Reduction in Loss Ratio." Walters current and past work experience has provided him with extensive knowledge of construction techniques, technologies, safety procedures and regulations. He has been in the residential & commercial construction/safety industry for over 25 years. Prior to starting with HABC Walter was the North East Director of Construction. He had the opportunity to oversee all aspects of 14 projects in 6 different states at the same time and Im proud to say even with over 800 employees with me in one aspect or another we completed the projects on time with just a few minor injuries.

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