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Michael Braverman, DHCD Commissioner Mayor Catherine E. Pugh

Department of Engineering & Capital Improvement

The Department of Engineering and Capital Improvements is primarily responsible for the implementation of the Housing Authority of Baltimore City's Capital Plan.

Typical projects include design and construction of capital improvement projects such as: vacancy renovation; demolition of non-viable units and sites; and the design and implementation of:

- ADA apartments, common areas and site work.

- Building renovation and site renovation projects.

- Building and site infrastructure systems.

- Building components.

Other responsibilities include: Marketability improvements; replacing windows and doors, site improvements including upgrading the landscaping, etc. The Office of Engineering and Capital Improvements which consists of three sections, is responsible for the overall management and implementation of capital improvement construction projects for the HABC.

Design Section

The Design Section performs professional architectural and engineering design and drafting work for all Engineering and Capital Improvements Division's contracts, utilizing all engineering and architectural disciplines (structural/civil, mechanical, electrical, environmental and architectural). Work includes performing engineering surveys and needs assessments, preparing design solutions, preparing studies and reports and formulating recommendations. The staff consults with residents, housing managers and maintenance supervisors, code officials, other divisions or agencies when preparing plans, specifications, cost estimates and bid documents. The section submits plans for permit reviews, conducts pre-bid and pre-construction meetings, recommends contract awards, and reviews submittals involving design and CIR's, and maintains record drawings. This section also reviews and manages all of the A & E consultant contracts for the Housing Authority of Baltimore City.

In addition, this section is responsible for reviewing construction specifications and drawings for grant programs; providing engineering and architectural reviews and approvals for construction and related contracts; coordinating building upgrades; administering consultant services concerning performance contracting reviews of developments; replacing major obsolete electrical/mechanical distribution systems; upgrading fire alarm and sprinkler systems, creating and monitoring ADA units; and the renovation of apartments, common areas and site improvements.

Construction Management and Inspection Section

The Construction Management and Inspection Section administer contracts, project managers the construction activities and inspect the construction for the Engineering and Capital Improvements Division. This section provides construction management, inspection and wage compliance for contract performance and progress through final acceptance of the projects. The section also conducts pre-construction conferences, issues the Notice to Proceed, conducts progress meetings, processes change orders, approves payments, provides daily inspection, represents HABC for final acceptance of projects, assists FH&EO [link and link back to this section] to assure compliance of requirements, assists in relocation efforts, assists on-site resident planning groups with technical concerns, enforces regulations, codes and HUD requirements.