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Michael Braverman, DHCD Commissioner Mayor Bernard C. "Jack" Young
Property Details
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Type: Vacant Lot

Neighborhood: RESERVOIR HILL

Address: 2305 MADISON AVE, 21217-3938

Block Lot: 3424 073

Price: 20000*

Status: Available

* Note: this is the estimated value of the property based on established pricing practices. Baltimore City policy requires an official appraisal be conducted by a State Licensed Real Estate Appraiser for all properties valued greater than $20,000. Appraisal to be performed upon receipt of application.

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The adj owners has fenced this lot off with a rodiron fence and landscaped it.Leasehold. This property is located in a Healthy Neighborhoods Target Block and thus qualifies for special incentives. Go to healthyneighborhoods.or for further information!

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*The price listed is a suggested offer price established for marketing purposes. Actual price may change prior to execution of a sales agreement.